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Thu May 28 2020

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Arrowhead Construction Products are built to the highest standards, with the added value of simplicity.

With a commitment to producing products made from the finest materials, which are simple to operate and maintain, Arrowhead Rockdrill construction products provide solutions for the majority of your attachment needs.

Hydraulic Hammers

The Arrowhead Rockdrill ‘S’ Range offers high quality, long life and excellent serviceability. The range includes hammers with all the power needed for the toughest jobs all within one of the most compact designs available.

Our commitment to provide Value through Innovation allows Arrowhead Rockdrill customers to have the quality they demand at the price they prefer, with no loss of performance or after-sales support.

Skid Steer Hydraulic Hammers

The Arrowhead RS Range hammers are specifically engineered to suit the skid steer excavator application. With a rugged heavy duty box design capable of withstanding the unique operating angles associated with skid steer excavators the RS range can easily tackle any demolition task on the Job site. The RS Ranges oversized isolators located inside the hammer box ensure vibration is contained to protect the excavator and operator from vibration caused by the hammer during operation. With only three moving parts and no tie rods the RS hammers are robust, reliable and powerful and perfectly suited to any skid steer excavator.

Plate Compactors

The Arrowhead Rockdrill ACP Range are built using a unique ‘V’ profile design enabling powerful compaction and sheet/post/pile driving while delivering superior vibration protection for the excavator by the use of heavy duty in-line dampening buffers.

Manufactured from the highest quality steels and utilising only the best in US or European manufactured bearings and hydraulic motors the ACP Range are engineered to provide long service life. Oil Splash Technology ensures the bearings are auto-lubricated with no greasing required so the ACP Range can work longer and provide greater productivity.

The Arrowhead Rockdrill ACP Range ensures maximum return on investment and excellent performance on the jobsite with their quality, reliability and simplicity.

Compaction Wheels

The Arrowhead Rockdrill Compaction Wheel use the weight and downward force of the excavator carrier to provide compaction of soils and hard-core in any construction environment. By utilising completely sealed bearing housings the ACW Range is a low maintenance tool and high quality steels ensure a long working life even in the toughest conditions.

The ACW Range is made in a range of sizes and styles to suit any machine configuration and can be used to compact a wide range of materials and soil types.


Simple design

Low maintenance and long service life

Can be configured to suit almost all applications

Sealed bearing technology that eliminates greasing

Demolition Grabs

Designed to operate in the toughest demolition conditions the DG Demolition Sorting Grabs make it possible to demolish, sort and load materials without switching between a variety of different attachments.

The powerful gripping force and 360 degree hydraulically powered rotation means the DG Range can be used to safely demolish and sort debris accurately and safely even when working with the most unstable materials or in confined spaces.

The DG Range are manufactured from the highest quality steels providing a ridged body built to withstand constant operation with heavy materials in tough environments.

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