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Sat January 25 2020

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Artesium Associates Limited

01344 742822

Artesium offers Recovery Auditing Solutions and P2P Data Analysis to deliver immediate results to your bottom line on a No Recovery - No Fee basis.

Artesium are specialists in recovery auditing of historical disbursements with a focus on accounts payable, contract compliance and process improvement.

Our business is gain-share profit improvement. Our services include:

Recovery audits of disbursements data, including accounts payable

Industry-specific recovery audits and one-off reviews

Contract compliance audits of supplier agreements

VAT audits

P2P Data Analysis

Specialised recovery audits of specific cost areas

Artesium works within your organisation, delivering results without disturbance or use of your staff's time. We have extensive, continuous experience in recovery auditing. Our clients benefit from our investment in specialist information technology.

Our P2P Data Analysis is delivered using Artesium's DAART (Dynamic Artesium Analytical Reporting Tool).

We provide Process Improvement reports with analyses of our findings and positive confirmation of the accuracy of your processing.

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