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Sun November 17 2019

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Asbestos Survey and Management Limited

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Asbestos Survey and Management Limited is an independent UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited company. We hold no affiliations with any other organisations; therefore can guarantee an independent, impartial service.

ASM Services include:

Asbestos Management Plans:

Asbestos management requires more than just commissioning an asbestos survey. ASM produce tailor made asbestos management solutions for our customers, offering advice about exactly what needs to be done to meet asbestos regulations. Our asbestos management solutions can include

â—¦Consulting on the scope of work needed

â—¦The production of a tailored management plan

â—¦Advice on what asbestos services or UKAS accredited inspections (asbestos surveys) are required

â—¦The production of asbestos registers listing all asbestos containing materials

â—¦Advice on further actions required (from no action to encapsulation or removal)

â—¦Evaluation or sub- contracting of asbestos removal contractors

â—¦Site based asbestos air monitoring activities

â—¦Laboratory asbestos testing services in our UKAS accredited laboratory

â—¦Full asbestos project management

Asbestos Testing:

Our bulk asbestos samples analysis service is a quick and convenient way for companies to test suspect materials. We can visit your site and sample any suspect materials or you can submit your own samples to our in-house laboratory for asbestos identification. Results are usually available within 48 hours of delivery. We can however offer a 'fast track' and 'while you wait' service for more urgent situations

Asbestos Survey and Management Limited holds UKAS accreditation for in-house asbestos testing in our own laboratory. Our lab ensures the rapid and fully traceable turnaround of both samples taken during asbestos surveys by our own asbestos surveyors and of third party samples sent to us for identification.

Asbestos Surveys:

Management Asbestos Surveys

The purpose of the Management Survey is locate as far as reasonably practicable the presence and extent of Asbestos containing materials in a property which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy. The Management survey forms the foundation of the Asbestos register and is the basis for the continued management of any identified Asbestos containing materials.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys:

A refurbishment or demolition survey will be necessary when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished. The purpose of the refurbishment / demolition survey is to locate as far as reasonable practicable all Asbestos containing materials in the areas where the refurbishment / demolition is to take place. These Asbestos surveys are fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection as necessary to gain access to all areas.

Re-Inspection Surveys:

Re-Inspection surveys are carried out on buildings that have previously had a Management or a Refurbishment / Demolition survey carried out. The purpose of the Re-Inspection survey is to assess the condition and any damage of previously identified Asbestos containing materials.

Project Specific Surveys:

In order to minimise building intrusion and damage, it is possible to use a combination of Management and Refurbishment / Demolition surveys. For example - in a building where only the 1st floor is to be refurbished, the basement, ground and second floors may have Management surveys carried out and a refurbishment / Demolition survey to the 1st floor which is to be affected by the proposed refurbishment.

Air Monitoring and Four Stage Clearance:

There are a number of different types of air testing relating to work with asbestos.


This type of test is to gauge a background fibre levels prior to commencement of Asbestos removal, and to ensure acceptable fibre levels during the removal works- proving control measures are working affectively.

Personal Exposure Monitoring:

Personal tests are carried out to assess the effectiveness of the control measures in place to reduce exposure and dust generation and that the respiratory protective equipment being used is of a sufficiently high protection factor for the task.


Leak testing verifies the integrity of the enclosure and air management systems and that the environment in the immediate vicinity of the enclosure is safe for occupation during the removal works.


Clearance air testing is only carried out after a successful visual examination by a UKAS accredited Asbestos consultant. The purpose of this test is to determine whether, after the removal of Asbestos, fibre levels inside the enclosure are below the lowest limit of detection, enabling re-occupation of the area.


Reassurance testing is conducted to provide the customer with further confidence that all areas have been left in a state that is suitable for reoccupation of employees and third parties.

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