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Tue October 22 2019

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Axess 4 All limited

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Axess 4 All is recognised today, not only as the UK's leading supplier of platform lifts, but also as an authority in the field of access for people with impaired mobilty.

In addition, we believe you will find we offer an exceptional level of customer service and a refreshingly pragmatic approach to finding aesthetic and cost effective access solutions. As we are a division of the cibes Lift Group, one of the largest lift companies in the Sweden, Axess 4 All also has considerable resources in service and developement.

Specialising in access platform lifts for people with impaired mobilty, Axess 4 All offers a market leading range of options from short rise lifts to units that travel up to 13m. Our extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of legal and regulatory issues and the most cost efficient access solutions, that take into account the needs of all concerned, architects, developers, owners and - most importantly of course - the users.

All this is backed by our own nationwide team of highly trained service engineers who can reach anywhere in the UK 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our Product range inculdes: The A5000 Vertical Platform Lift is a screw type unit which can travel up to a maximum floor to floor distance of 13m incorporating 7 different entrances on any of the 3 non machine sides.

The unit is supplied with its own shaft with the option to mix steel and glass panels with a number of different door options. With large easy to use push buttons and the recently re-designed platform the A5000 Vertical platform lifts incorporates both a smooth ride and stylish appearance with the flexibility to offer a solution to the majority of applications.

The A7000 has been developed with the main focus on design and engineering expertise. The result is a new generation of modern state of the art platform lifts which combine new design with the latest technology.

Smart aesthetic elegance, new materials, attractive pricing and a choice of options makes the Axess 4 All platform lifts the perfect accessibility solution for all types of buildings.

The new A7000 platform lift has a 2.2m high vertical facia with an integrated control panel. It is supplied with an aesthetically designed overhead light fitting and a mirror. The glass mirror is standard and a stainless steel mirror is optional.

The control panel is made of natural anodised aluminium as standard. The optional surface coatings resemble birch, beech, alder-tree and white marble. The standard aluminium control panel surface coating or four different optional surface coatings will enhance most building environments.

The A1000 Incline Stair Lift can be wall or stanchion post mounted to almost any staircase. With the standard or a special size platform the units can be adapted to fit the majority of applications which include stairs with mid landings and the requirement for the unit to travel around a corner or bend.

With simple and easy to use push buttons and joystick, the A1000 Incline Stair Lift is a reliable and cost effective solution to restricted access via an existing stair cases.

To operate the unit, the wheelchair users would press the unfold button on the remote control station and the platform will then automatically unfold ready to be used.

The wheelchair users can then move themselves to onto the platform.

By pressing the joystick on the platform the safety arms and folding ramps then postition themselves to secure the users on the platform. The wheelchair user can then push the joystick in the direction of travel and the unit will move in the required direction.

Once the unit has reached the required level, one of the retaining arms and ramp will unfold to allow exit from the unit.

The users can stop the travel of the unit at any time within the travel. The unit will automatically stop if it comes into contact with any obstacle on its travel.

The A2000 step lift is suitable for both internal and external applications with a maximum vertical travel distance of 1000mm. With half height gate at the upper landing and an automatic retaining ramp at the opposite end the unit is suitable for a wheelchair users with a capcity of 300Kg.

The basic unit has a steel gate at the upper level and the standard finish is Blue Sable 700 but the unit has a large list of options which can transform the unit so suit every enviroment.

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