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Wed June 03 2020

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BA Chamberlain are specialists in the design and build of modular systems, jackleg buildings, and storage containers & cabin hire.

We offer off-the-shelf and bespoke systems - for commercial, industrial and public sector environments, including schools, training, centres, offices, factories, airports, and health centres.

Modular Buildings: Bespoke, corporate-quality accommodation at a fraction of the cost of a traditional construction project. Suitable as commercial offices, meeting rooms, showrooms, car sales offices, stores, hospitals, doctors� surgery, clinics, health centres, gyms, cabin hire, schools and pre-schools, out of school clubs, sports complexes, fitness centres, training centres, local authority buildings, museums, nurseries, exhibitions, and much more.

Modular Buildings � also known as portable and volumetric buildings � are ideal for commercial, industrial, educational and public sector environments. They can be designed to meet your exact requirements in terms of size and configuration - from single units to linked and double-stacked units.

The interior space is designed to meet every use and requirement, including reception areas, office space, boardroom, kitchens, bathrooms, and storerooms.

Today, the construction materials used in a modular building are closer to traditional build materials. Modular buildings & cabins have the look and feel of permanent structures at a much lower cost. They can be clad in any literally any finish including brick, Plastisol steel, and various renders.

From concept to actual move-in date is usually a matter of weeks. Saying that, modular cabins or buildings are not an off-the-shelf solution. The project involves getting a detailed specification, site survey, and designs and plans drawn up � before the foundations are laid. We do everything that needs doing. All you need do � is tell us your requirements. We do all the rest.

Modular Buildings come in virtually any size and configuration.

Jackleg Buildings: High-quality buildings delivered ready for occupation with minimum disruption to your operations.

Suitable as commercial offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, clubs, stores, changing facilities, accommodation units, fitness centres, training centres, port and airport buildings, motorway service stations, petrol stations, fast-food restaurants, ticket offices, gatehouses, exhibition space, and much more.

Jackleg Buildings are ideal for commercial, industrial and public sector environments including schools, training centres, offices, shops, airport buildings and health centres. They can be delivered to site and occupied on the day of delivery.

The name �jackleg� aptly describes a Jackleg building. It has four telescopic feet. This enables it to be sited quickly and easily on ground that is not level and has little or no foundations. It is an almost �off-the-shelf� building, allowing owners to move and re-site the building if they wish.

The building is designed to your specification and configuration requirements. It is delivered with everything in place including heating, lighting, and power points. We deliver the building, plug it in, and you can move in � the same day.

Jackleg buildings come in a number of standard sizes, and can be installed as single units, linked and double-stacked units. Sizes are 16, 20, and 24 foot by 9 foot; 32 and 40 foot by 10 foot; and 40 foot by 12 foot.

The exterior of the building is available in a number of different finishes and renders. We recommend Plastisol steel as the exterior finish to ensure the longevity of the building, and can be cleaned in the same way as you wash a car.

We find that clients have differing needs. We therefore offer a number of �non-standard� items such as double glazed windows, integrated shutter-systems, air-conditioning, vinyl, carpets, IT Trunking, CAT II lighting, and sound�proofed walls.

Jacklegs Buildings come in a variety of sizes and configurations � for sale or for hire.

Storage Units: Strong, robust, and secure storage containers

Suitable for secure storage of paper, books, toys, furniture, tools and equipment, electronic goods, archives, sport equipment and much more.

Storage units are ideal for schools, conference centres, sports clubs, and businesses. It is great for storing paperwork, books, archive material, tools, equipment, tables & chairs, play materials, and electronic instruments. Whatever you need to store safely and securely � can be housed in our robust and strong storage containers.

The containers are a single-skinned steel storage unit with double doors that open up to full floor to ceiling height, and are available in a standard 20 ft by 8 ft size.

Secure storage units are available for immediate delivery

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