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G. Boon was founded in 1873 as a carpentry shop in Amsterdam. In 1970 the family business moved from Amsterdam to Edam and the company changed name to Boon Edam. Boon Edam supplied its first revolving door over 100 years ago. Since then the Group has become the acknowledged world market leader in revolving doors. But we do more than that. Our core business nowadays focuses on Door Systems, Security Access and Advanced Door Care.

Manual revolving doors

With a wide choice of finishes and sizes, plus a comprehensive array of options, our high quality Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket manual revolving doors provide safe, reliable and convenient entrances for almost any building.

Automatic revolving doors

Larger versions of our Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket revolving doors are often automated for greater user comfort while our three largest revolving door models; the Tournex, Duotour and Twintour are always automated due to their size. Automatic doors over 3600mm in diameter can handle large volumes of people and accommodate trolleys, stretchers and shopping carts.

Special purpose doors

Our two special purpose doors provide for those slightly unusual or difficult applications. The Circleslide, with curved sliding doors, provides completely free access and the Flowslide combines revolving and sliding door technologies to allow two streams of people to flow through a junction point without merging.

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