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Wed June 03 2020

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Bailey Off-Site

01274 805010

Bailey Off-Site (formerly known as Bailey Prefabrication), a division NG Bailey, was established in 2000 to design, manufacture and deliver off-site building service solutions. We provide our customers with the unique benefits of off-site construction, through the provision of modular solutions that have been assembled off-site, ready for on-site installation.

Based in Bradford, our leading-edge manufacturing facility employs benchmark manufacturing techniques, the use of innovative materials and a specially trained workforce to design and produce a range of prefabricated mechanical and electrical building services products.

These products are the culmination of detailed market analysis, close consultation with our clients, cooperation with our supply chain partners, thorough research and development and rigorous prototype testing.

At Bailey Off-Site we offer our own comprehensive design & development capability, aimed at developing tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our industry leading experts will analyse your company's requirements and, using the latest Computer Aided Design facilities, arrive at the right solution quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of off-site manufacture are already clearly understood across the building services industry. When combined with Bailey Off-Site's tailored design experience, the client gets the perfect solution, whatever the requirements.

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Tel: 01274 805010

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