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Fri June 05 2020

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If you're looking for a specialist service to repair or restore any cast-iron or alloy component I have good news� Since 1994 we've been revolutionising the repair and restoration techniques used to repair and restore cast-iron and alloy components. Using cold metal stitching and gas fusion welding techniques you can be confident that even so called 'lost causes' can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a replacement, saving you hundreds even thousands of pounds. And you can benefit from our services across the World including Europe, the USA and Canada. During the last 13 years we've developed four distinct and very specialised services. Marine Repair & Reconditioning, Vintage & Classic Car Repair & Restoration, Industry & Foundry.

Marine Repair And Reconditioning: Repairs when major engine failure occurs e.g. con-rod, piston skirts, balance weights, valve breakage's etc. Chronic problem leakage's e.g. of water, oil, and combustion gases etc. Reconditioning of components e.g. cylinder heads (covers), turbo charge casings, gearboxes, pumps etc.

Vintage And Classic Car Repair And Restoration: Just when you thought one of your cast-iron or alloy components on your vintage or classic car was beyond technical or economic repair... Don't despair! We guarantee to fix any cast-iron or alloy component on your Veteran, Edwardian, Vintage or Classic car. If we can't - we'll give you �250. I know this is an unusual offer, but our combined 44 years experience in cold metal stitching and gas fusion welding has given us the unique expertise to tackle even the most difficult problems. We created our Vintage And Classic Car Repair Service to help enthusiasts all over the world to cost-effectively repair the cast-iron and alloy components on their vehicles. All our work is guaranteed for a full 12 months, and our aim is to retain as much of the existing parts as possible. Repair to engine and other component failures (anything on the engine made of cast-iron and alloy that fractures, has frost damage or has eroded). For example, crank-case, sump, manifold, cylinder head, cylinder block, exhaust and gear boxes.

Industry: Repair to cast-iron machinery/components, Production machinery failure in heavy engineering, food manufacturers, agriculture, power generating industries, hosiery machinery etc.

Just when you thought one of your cast-iron components was beyond technical or economic repair...

Is it difficult for you to find a specialist company to repair your cast-iron components quickly and cost-effectively? A company that truly understands the huge impact of 'down time'. If so I have good news� In 1994 we created our unique Cast-Iron Repair Service that meets these challenges head-on. And as you'll soon discover there really isn't any risk. Simply call us now on +44 1283 222202 or click here to complete our FREE Cast-Iron Analysis Form on our website.

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