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Wed June 03 2020

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Benlowe Stairs is part of the Benlowe Group Ltd which was established in 2001 and consists of three divisions, Benlowe Windows, Benlowe Doors and Benlowe Stairs. The company headquarters are based in Leicestershire, with the Benlowe Stairs factory in Brownhills, West Midlands. The company supplies a range of straight and winder flights throughout the UK to builders, architects, contractors and housing associations.

The stairs are built to the customer’s exact specifications and are available in a variety of unusual timbers and tailor-made solutions. Manufactured mainly from solid timber, the customer can choose a variety of wood that is in-keeping with any property. A selection of apron linings, skirting boards and landing boards are available.

Stair Options

Benlowe Stairs are available in American Ash, American Black Walnut, Cherry, English Ash, Hemlock, Pine, Sapele and White Oak and can be straight, z-form, up and turn to the left or right, 180 and 270 degree turns to the left or right. Whatever the design, Benlowe Stairs will endeavour to create it. Stair designs include:

Closed String Stairs - A staircase that is constructed with the face housed or trenched so that the treads and risers are not visible from the side view.

Cut String Stairs - A staircase that has a string with the upper edge cut away to the shape of the treads and risers, so that they are visible from the side view.

Curved Stairs - A staircase that can have a continuous curve or be a straight flight with a curve at any degree at the top.

Open Tread - This staircase has openings where there are normally risers; the top riser of the staircase is closed to hide the face of the top trimmer joist on the upper floor level.

Loft Stairs - Space saving stairs for loft access.

External Stairs - A range of staircases that are fitted to the side of a building for general and emergency access. They can be fitted with safety grips and non-slip surfaces.

Spindle and Newel Options

Spindles and newels are available in many designs to enhance any staircase. Benlowe Stairs offers a range of modern, contemporary and traditional designs in a wide choice of materials and sizes including:

32mm spindles in designs London, Palace, Regal, Square, Square Fluted, Staffordshire, Stop Chamfered and Stop Olovo.

41mm spindles in designs Barley Twist, Edwardian, Fluted, Palace (Fluted and Twist), Provincial, Square Fluted, Square, Stop (Chamfered, Chamfered Fluted and Olovo) and Traditional.

56mm Spindles in designs Newstead Turned/Twisted, Sutherland and Trentham Fluted, Turned or Twisted.

Metal spindles can be fitted to wooden banisters and designs are Ikon, Axxys and Iron Burbidge.

Co-ordinating newels and caps for end posts include Barley Twist, Box, Newstead, Oak Standard, Standard, Standard Fluted, Stop Chamfered and Fluted, Trentham Fluted and Twisted.

Handrails and baserails are available in a range of modern and traditional designs to co-ordinate with the spindles and staircases.

Benlowe Stairs is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by sourcing all wood products from managed and sustainable forests, in accordance with the FSC. The company manufactures products to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and is associated with the Timber Trade Association, the British Woodworking Federation and the TWA Scheme.

Benlowe Stairs offers a range of extensive guarantees and quality specifications, which gives the customer complete piece of mind. With a dedicated customer service team, the company can offer comprehensive technical advice and after-sales care.

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