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The Natural Lightweight Building Block - Pumice - The Pumice used in the manufacture of this range of building blocks was formed B.C. by volcanic action.

The low density of the material is due to its cellular structure created by air bubbles which formed when the dissolved gasses in the volcanic lava were released during cooling, effectively turning the lava into foam.

This raw material conforming to BS 3797 : 1990 has a class one fire resistance rating and is chemically inert.

Besblock Pumice products are produced to BS 6073 : Part 1 : 1981

Dense Aggregate Building Blocks - Bescrete - Natural Aggregate Building Blocks

Bescrete building blocks from Besblock, are manufactured from the earth's natural aggregates. Proven over millions of years, these are acknowledged to be amongst the most durable materials known to man.

The composition of this raw material, which conforms to

BS 882 : 1992, gives the finished product (manufactured to BS 6073 : Part 1 : 1981) a superior and consistent chemical stability free from deleterious substances.

This consistency would be difficult to equal with products manufactured from FBA (furnace bottom ash), as the chemical stability is wholly dependent on efficient combustion of the primary raw material within the furnace which may give variable results.

Lightweight Aggregate Building Blocks - Insulit - Insulite is a range of lightweight (density 1400 kg's / m3) load bearing building blocks manufactured in the main from re claimed and re cycled raw materials conforming to BS 3797. The products themselves are manufactured to BS 6073: Part 1.

The blocks are cast in steel moulds onto steel pallets and compacted by vibration, following which they are placed in specially designed chambers where the curing process of the green concrete is accelerated by means of humidity.

The compaction process of the concrete is vital to the quality of the finished product.

At Besblock we employ Columbia presses. These are internationally acclaimed as the very finest in their field and their unicontrolled vibration system ensures even density and compaction within the mould, giving a consistent test quality on every block.

"Star Performer." So named because of it's truly universal application characteristics within the general purpose housingmarket (flats, masonettes etc.) When used as directed in this section, this

100mm building block will conform with the mandatory requirements of sound and thermal insulation, beam and block flooring and most other aspects required of a 100mm block.

Think of the on site benefits, particularly in construction supervision, that the use of only one block could bring to you

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