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Sun May 31 2020

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From cast concrete to concrete block. What makes the Betonblock® system so special? It creates construction opportunities that are not feasible with cast concrete. Because no cement is needed, the blocks create a stable repositionable stack system with limitless expandability, ideal for temporary and / or permanent building structures. A flexible answer to your needs of tomorrow that may be different than your requirements of today. By using concrete blocks you can modify and expand any time.

Betonblock® produces high quality concrete block molds in various forms and sizes. Continuous innovation resulted in products with a better operability, less investment for the purchaser and more flexibility in usage. This resulted in a unique and extensive product range with molds in various forms and sizes, and endless building possibilities. The most accurate production equipment assures our products meet high quality standards to produce the best final product.

This makes the Betonblock system the fastest growing system on the market with over 3,000 customers in 45 countries around the world. Betonblock keeps all its products in stock and delivers across Europe in a few days.

Disposing of leftover concrete is expensive, and a waste of material. In addition to the production of concrete blocks from new concrete, added value can be created from surplus concrete, by processing the waste into a simple but very efficient by-product that reduces processing costs and provides an optional source of income. Concrete block molds are thé solution for concrete plants, recycling firms and other business who want to effectively process their residual concrete, and for companies that focus on the production of quality concrete blocks.

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