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Thu April 02 2020

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Birmingham City Laboratories

0121 303 9300

Birmingham City Laboratories an entirely independent consultancy and test house that has been established for over 100 years. BCL is a UKAS accredited laboratory which incorporates a range of scientific & engineering disciplines.

Our services to the construction sector include; testing and investigation of buildings, structures and construction material testing. We specialise in the investigation of reinforced concrete structures, but can investigate a range of building or material failures and provide a range of pre-construction and site investigation services. We also offer a fully UKAS accredited asbestos analytical service undertaking asbestos surveys, asbestos identification and asbestos clearance certification

Some of our key testing services include:

Asbestos management, refurbishment and demolition surveys

Asbestos bulk identification

Asbestos air monitoring & clearance certification

Asbestos fibre counting

Building Inspection & Survey

Concrete condition survey

Concrete repair consultancy

Concrete Testing

Concrete defect investigation

Reinforcement corrosion

Half-cell surveys

Concrete Resistivity

Concrete Testing, Analysis & Assessment

Carbonation testing

Covermeter surveys

Concrete coring & sampling

Compressive strength

Petrographic examination

Chloride content

Cement content

Sulphate analysis & sulphate attack identification

Building defect survey & investigation

Corrosion survey & investigation

Abseil / Rope access Surveys

Building Inspection

Dampness survey

Timber defects, rot & moulds

Masonry inspection

Wall tie Survey

Examination & analysis of mortars, screeds & plasters

Paint & coating inspection

Bridge Inspection

Car Park inspection & testing

Non traditional housing

High-rise building inspection & testing

Material defect Investigation

Limited archive search - constraints, previous investigations, historic maps (Mini Desk Study)

Ground Condition Desk Study - Inc. Geoenvironmental data Pack (Full Desk Study)

Preliminary Intrusive Ground Investigation (Truthing Investigation)

Intrusive Ground Investigation Report (For Design)

CBR Tests

UXO Report

Topsoil/Subsoil Verification

Gas/ Water Monitoring

Archaeological/ Heritage Desk Based Assessment

Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI)

Archaeological Watching Brief

Topographic Survey-2D + 3D (Land)

2D Plans - Floors/Ceilings/Roofs

2D Sections

2D Elevations

GIA Report (with/without volumetric data)

3D Laser Scan and/or Point Cloud

3D REVIT Model

UAV Remote Aerial Surveys and Inspections (Drone Surveys)

Utility Detection Survey - (PAS 128 QL-B)

Verification Survey (Trial pitting to expose services) (PAS 128 QL-A)

Clearance Survey

Drainage Connectivity Survey

CCTV Drain Condition Survey

Drainage Remediation (inc. High Pressure Water Jetting and Recylcing Tanker-Vac Disposal)

Water Leak Detection Survey (External)

Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA)

Phase 1 (Extended) Habitat Survey

Habitat Suitability Index

Ecological Mitigation Plan

Protected Species Survey

Japanese Knotweed and Invasive Species Survey

BS5837 Tree Survey & Tree Constraints (with advice report)

Arboriculture Impact Assessment (AIA) & Method Statement (AMS)

CAVAT Valuation Assessement

Landscape & Planting Review

NHBC Tree Survey

Flood Risk Assessment

SuDS Assessment & Maintenance Plan

BRE Soakaway Tests

Concept Drainage Design

Transport Note/Statement/Assessment

Travel Plan

Parking Beat Assessment

Road Safety Audit (RSA Stage 1-4)

Noise Impact Assessment (Buildings Only)

Acoustic Design Guidance (Buildings Only)

Indoor Air/Odour Quality Assessment

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