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Thu April 02 2020

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Borble Ltd

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Borble Ltd is committed to designing and printing unique blends of personalised and digitaly printed borders, banners and posters. These pages provide you with a deeper insight into the Borble creation and production process and also these pages provide your with a way to let us know your experiences of this web site and our Borbles.Borbles are easily applied engaging designs for your home, school or work place. They can be educating, entertaining and decorative. Borbles can tell a story that parents can share with children.

Borbles can be personalised with your own photo’s too. Borbles apply to many topics, as can be seen in these web pages, so browse the themes as the ranges increase. You could even design your own.Borble specialise in web-fed digital printing of high quality self adhesive labels. Our process delivers crisp registration, smooth tones and prints a large colour gamut; our white is opaque and perfect for backing illustrations on clear material.

There are no plates or repro required so the process is cost effective and fast, particularly for shorter runs or numerous sorts. Our origination resources offer fast press proofing on substrate and to the required finish. Our trade-print service is confidential and enables you to deliver a total service.

Contact us for your copies of the digital flyer "Taking the Witch out of Craft" and peel special shape labels from the A4 sheet; drawn together by industry leaders Xeikon; Kocher+Beck; Fasson; FPPL & Borble to exhibit the very best of this leading process.

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Tel: 01745 360159

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