Bovingdon Brickworks

Tue March 31 2020

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Bovingdon Brickworks

01442 833176

Bovingdon Brickworks is renowned for its wonderful range of genuine handmade, machine made Berry-multi facing bricks, special bricks and arches. Situated in the Chilterns, we at Bovingdon Brickworks manufacture crafted bricks from our own sustainable clay beds, which are fired in our traditional kilns producing a vibrant and unique range of colours from flaming orange to subtle grey to gentle brown. They come in an extensive range of sizes. Bovingdon genuine bench-moulded handmade bricks are thrown by local master-craftsmen using the traditional methods that give each brick an individual beauty and character of its own. Whether used for a new-build or renovation or extension Bovingdon bricks have a highly desirable charm and character and will help to make your home unique.

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