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Wed June 03 2020

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Brushdale Environmental Limited


Brushdale Environmental is a well established and reputable ecological contractor that understands the needs and demands of clients involved with wildlife mitigation. We continue to help ecologists and their clients across England, Wales & Scotland and specialise in:

• Managing and installing all types of wildlife fencing and especially for newts, reptiles (such as slow worms, grass snakes, lizards etc.) badgers, otters and water vole.

• Careful and sensitive clearance of sites/vegetation where ecological issues exist and the destructive search of land.

We also:

• Create and install artificial badger setts as part of projects and close setts which require the badgers to move elsewhere.

• Create and install habitat enhancement work such as ponds, scrapes, planting, bat/bird boxes.

• Get involved with other more unusual activities when requested of you as part of the planning process, and we encourage you to ask us for help. See our projects page for a good example.

Newt fence

Reptile fence

Temporary fencing

Ecological fencing

Reptile fencing

Badger setts

Site clearance

Brush clearance

Slow worm fencing

Newt fencing contractors and other protected species mitigation

Relocation of badger setts

Habitat creation and management

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