Butyl Systems Ireland Ltd

Wed June 03 2020

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Butyl Systems Ireland Ltd

028 8224 4501

From domestic to industrial, recreational to environmental, agricultural to civil and hydro engineering, Butyl Systems Ireland can design, manufacture and install a Butyl based solution to suit any customer specification and budget.

It is estimated that since its introduction over 40 years ago, Butyl-EPDM membranes cover more than one billion square metres. The versatility of the membranes allows for a wide and varied range of applications such as:

— all flat roofing solutions,

— water catchment and irrigation (ponds, lakes, reservoirs etc),

— toxic, industrial and agricultural waste management,

— water-proofing of bridge decking,

— tunnel linings,

— building foundations and car parks, to name but a few.

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Butyl Systems Ireland Ltd
Gortrush Industrial Estate
County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
BT79 0PY

Tel: 028 8224 4501

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