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Tue June 18 2019

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CMT Testing Limited

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CMT Testing Limited is a fully independent materials consultancy, testing and investigation facility with over 30 years of service to the construction, civil engineering, environmental and associated industries.

CMT has a comprehensive scope of laboratory and site testing and investigative operations organised into a number of inter cooperative departments amongst which are:

Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis of concrete, mortars, screeds, plasters, aggregates, soils and ground waters including potential contaminated soil and waste materials for offsite disposal.

Street lighting

A complete on site inspection & testing service with respect to the structural integrity of lighting columns. Using our unique Relative Loss of Sectionâ„¢ Systems which were developed specifically to locate and quantify corrosion of steel lighting columns that cannot be identified by visual inspection. On site testing and reporting of test results including recommendations in accordance with ILE Technical Report 22 Third Edition 2007.


Petrographic examination of concrete and cementitious materials including HAC for identification of deleterious reactions (‘sulphate attack’ and ASR for example) and potential causes of problems and failures within such materials. Microscopic examination of other materials including identification of the presence and type of asbestos in accordance with MDHS 77

Environmental Services

Complete assessment and appraisal of contaminated land including detection and monitoring of ground gasses

Ground Investigation

Complete ground investigation solutions including light cable percussive drilling, window sampling, dynamic probing, insitu and laboratory testing.

Structural Investigation

On site Inspection, investigation and consultation of concrete structures including reinforced and post-tensioned bridges, car parks etc. Insitu load testing of fixings & structural elements, lighting columns, Inspection and testing of barriers at sports stadia. Inspection, testing and assessment of concrete floors including surveys of precast concrete units for HACC.

Geotechnical Testing

Reports with detailed information are supplied to assist and support engineering, design and construction decisions relating to ground improvement, foundation design, bearing capacity assessment, road pavement design, sub grade characteristics, compaction control of soil, bituminous and associated materials testing.

Concrete Testing & Building Products

The concrete and construction materials testing department at CMT Testing conduct laboratory, on-site investigation and physical testing on materials used in the construction and civil engineering industries including concrete cube making, physical testing of concrete and rock cores, trial mixes and testing of admixtures, cementitious repair materials and resins.

Employing highly qualified engineers, chemists and technicians, CMT Testing Limited is dedicated to the provision of independent professional support, expertise and advice with the highest level of customer service.

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