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Beam and Block Flooring Specialists

CUBE6 design, manufacture and supply 150mm deep pre-cast concrete flooring solutions to the construction industry. CUBE6 Thermal Flooring is not only the next generation of beam and block, it is also the most effective insulated flooring system on the market. The ability to provide the customer with a flooring solution to suit their requirements along with excellent customer service has made CUBE6 the market leader.

Beam and Block Flooring:

CUBE6 design, manufacture and supply 150mm deep pre-cast concrete beams for the construction industry. We offer traditional beam and block, thermal and beam and pot flooring systems. Our goal is to provide the finest level of service along with a competitively priced quality product.

For floors in housing pre-cast concrete beam and block offers the following advantages over other types of flooring

•Quick and simple installation - no specialist teams or skills required.

•Provides Immediate Safe Working Platform - as soon as the pre-cast elements are installed the floor can safely be used allowing continuation by following trades.

•Minimal excavation of ground surface, removing the requirement of importing additional hardstanding material.

•All weather construction – can be installed in adverse weather conditions.

•Sound Insulation - helping to reduce noise transmittance to produce quieter homes.

•Flexibility of Design - the high load carrying capacity allows complete freedom of room design layouts.

•Rigid Floor - without the bounce or creaking associated with timber joists.

•Suitable for brown field developments and ideal on developments with restricted site access.

•Services pipe penetrations can be easily accommodated.

Traditional Beam and Block:

The 150mm deep suspended pre-cast concrete beam and block floor system has been designed primarily for the housing market on both ground and upper floors. The beam is up to 40% lighter than any other beam on the market, making it easier to handle and position on site. It is designed and manufactured to BS8110 "The Structural use of Concrete".

The high strength concrete beam is reinforced with 5mm diameter pre-stressed steel wire. Spans up to 6m can be accommodated with standard domestic loads. Suitable for floor blocks from 650kg/m3 lightweight to 2000kg/m3 dense concrete, which can be delivered with the beams.

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