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Fri July 19 2019

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Cable Detection Ltd

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Cable avoidance, locating and tracing the EZi way

Staffordshire based Cable Detection, part of Hexagon, specialise in manufacturing cable and pipe avoidance and locating equipment. Our products help you:

• Protect your workforce

• Reduce cable strikes

• Avoid costly and time consuming repairs.

Every year, site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried electricity cables or gas pipelines. Our products increase on-site safety, minimise human error and make locating buried cables and pipes a simple and efficient task.

Our product range includes:

EZiCAT Cable Locators

Robust locators engineered for ease of use. Packed full of well-known, beneficial features, making avoiding and locating buried utiliities an easy and efficient task.

• The i500 Series locators are simple to operate, enabling users to simply press the trigger and go.

• The intelligent i600 Series locators have fully integrated data logging capability, providing you with information on how and when the locator has been used.

• The highly intelligent i700 Series locators have fully integrated GPS technology and data logging capability, providing you with information on how, when and importantly where the locator has been used.

EZiTEX Signal Transmitter

Some buried utilities might not give off a detectable signal. An EZiTEX Signal Transmitter will help reduce your risk of striking one of these ’hidden’ utilities, by applying a signal onto the cable or pipe. The Signal Transmitter can also be used to help locate specific utilities, by being used in conjunction with the EZiSYSTEM accessory range.

• Trace utilities over a greater distance

• Improved utility detection in areas of high signal interference

• Improved depth estimation, when using a depth locator.

EZiROD duct tracer

Makes locating non-metallic drains, ducts or pipes quick and easy, when used in conjunction with the EZiTEX Signal Transmitters. Available in 30 metres, 50 metres or 80 metres in length.

LOGiCAT Software

The software helps to make utility avoidance and locating tracable. For use with the data logging locators 600 and 700 Series. Locating data can be downloaded via Bluetooth® to a PC.

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