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Tue October 15 2019

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Castle Pumps Limited

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Castle Pumps Limited are independent pump distributors. We offer a wide selection of pumping equipment from over 100 international pump manufacturers to suit almost any fluid handling application. Pumps are the third most traded commodity in the world, so it is no surprise that the sheer number of manufacturers, types of pumps and material options are confusing to some. Castle Pumps also supply probably the largest range of Barrel Pumps, Drum Pumps and Container Pumps available. We have over 25 years experience with this type of Pump ! We supply sump pumps, water pumps, sewage pumps, chemical and process pumps, food pumps, acid pumps, starch pumps, grease pumps, solvent pumps, radioactive slurry pumps, marine pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps, sea water pumps and fire fighting pumps. We believe that supplying quality equipment from Pump Manufacturers such as Aro Pumps, Bombas Azcue, Bombas Boyser, Bombas Itur, Caster, Etatron, Flux Pumps, Graco Pumps, HCP, Lutz Pumps, Pedrollo, Pentax, RAASM, Standart Pumps, Savino Barbera & Tuthill will ultimately save you money and stress. At Castle Pumps we offer a wide selection of Pumping Equipment from over a hundred International Pump Manufacturers to suit almost any Fluid Handling application. At we prefer to offer quality pumps, ones that are reliable and represent the best value for money. We understand the cost of 'downtime' and the consequences of lost production. But we also acknowledge that are are times when a 'cheap' pump is required, that is why we supply pumps from such a wide range of reputable pump manufacturers - so that we can select a pump that is suitable for your pumping application.

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