Chilly Pepper

Thu June 04 2020

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Chilly Pepper

0208 538 7774

Whether you run your own business, an employee or at home, if the weather forecasters are to be believed summers are going to get longer and hotter and you are going to need “Air Conditioning”.

We get calls in desperation, at home:- pregnant mothers and babies;

in the office:- server rooms & staff; and for shops:- staff & customers etc.

The call usually comes as “We want it COOL and we want it NOW” - through gritted teeth.

It is such a simple request, a simple question, that is, right up to the bit where we start asking questions, at which point our already frustrated customer descends into the abyss of unwanted mind numbing technology. You can hear the customer saying “- we don't care - we don’t want to know, we just want a widget that does it” - but unfortunately you do need to know.

Chilly Pepper offer both portable and fixed air conditioning solutions both for hire and sale.

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Getting in contact with Chilly Pepper

Monticello House
45 Russell Square

Tel: 0208 538 7774

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