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CHILSTONE specialise in reproducing, with complete accuracy and attention to detail, some of the most beautiful and elegant antique garden ornaments and architectural stonework in the world.

Each piece is handmade in reconstituted stone by a special process, originally developed in 1953, to ensure a finished texture virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.

The colour and texture of the material is midway between Portland and Bath stones, and its composition encourages the spontaneous growth of mosses and lichens, which rapidly gives it the aged quality of the original.

In addition to our existing range of ornaments, our workshop specialise in copying and originating ornaments and architectural details to customers' requirements and we are always pleased to advise on any new ideas you might have.

This service operates over a comprehensive field, from the purely domestic interior and garden, to public buildings and settings, such as hotels, parks and churches.

CHILSTONE produce an extensive range of Architectural Ornaments and Stonework, including porticos, architraves, cornicing, coping and quoin stones, window surrounds, balustrade and more..

Chilstone was established in 1953 and is still entirely hand made by local craftsmen, giving us the kind of control during the production process which enables us to readily adapt our standard items to your requirements. It is also ideally suited for restoration work and our skilled craftsmen and team of mouldmakers are able to reproduce from an original or from detailed drawings exactly to your requirements.

This service is also available for new building and development projects should our extensive and varied range not contain the specific items you require.

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