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Thu February 20 2020

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CiP Densiphalt Ltd

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CiP Densiphalt Ltd specialise in microsilica based high strength industrial flooring including a surfacing product supplied by Densit A/S (a Danish company) under the name of Densiphalt.

Distributed throughout the UK as an alternative to concrete and asphalt blocks in new build and refurbishment situations, internally & externally. Densiphalt is a completely joint free, impermeable & durable pavement system that cures within 24 hours!

In 1983 Densit A/S was founded as an independent company in FLS Industries, which is one of the largest industrial groups in Denmark. The main activities of FLS Industries include cement-manufacturing machinery, building materials and aerospace, employing over 14,000 people worldwide.

For 20 years Densit A/S has specialised in developing cement-based materials with Ultra-high strength and durability, for industrial strengthening and repair. Its purpose was to exploit DSP (Densified Systems with Ultrafine Particles) technology.

DSP technology makes it possible to manufacture cement-based materials with strength and durability five to ten times greater than that for mortar and concrete. In addition, DSP materials have especially good anti-corrosion qualities and can be used without risk to the environment.

The binding material in conventional concrete and mortar consists of cement with a relatively large amount of water and is therefore rather porous. In Densit materials, the use of DSP technology, with its ultra-fine powders, reduces the waster content of the binding material to an absolute minimum. The result is a high level of density, quite unusual in cement-based materials.

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