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Sat August 17 2019

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Coe's Of Derby

0845 128 9717

Based in Derby, UK, Coes began designing and manufacturing products in Glass Reinforced Plastic in 1951. After half-a-century of manufacture, Coes have developed and enhanced these technologies using polyesters, vinylesters, phenolics, and many other plastic processes to create high quality mouldings for a wide range of applications.

A key element of Coe's approach to GRP design and manufacture is to combine our considerable experience working with GRP using the latest manufacturing processes and techniques. We now include Spray Laminating and Resin Transfer Mouldings alongside the more traditional Hand Laminating.

Our industrial client base ranges from minor repair work for small private companies to full scale manufacturing for Local Authorities and the gas, water, electricity and telecommunications Utilities, for which we are registered on the Achilles Data Base.

Within the construction sector, aesthetics is very important. In many cases, whilst the look of traditional materials such as natural or reconstituted stone are satisfactory for delivering strength and an acceptable finish, often their weight requires extra handling making their use undesirable or unsafe.

Coe's of Derby have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of specialist mouldings for the construction industry.

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