Cogne Stainless Reinforcement

Sat May 30 2020

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Cogne Stainless Reinforcement

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We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of steel reinforcing bar direct from our Mill in Northern Italy. Within the UK 2000 tonnes of stock is held, with full cutting and bending facilities. In addition to rebar Cogne Stainless Reinforcement offer dowel bar, tying wire and high tensile steel reinforcing bars in 1.4301 (304s31) and 1.4436 (316s33).

Reinforcing Bar

Type 2 deformed reinforcing bar is available ex-stock, and can be cut and bent to your specification, all in accordance with the UK CARES procedures. All the standard shape codes in BS8666 and BS4466 are supplied and please see BS8666. Dowel Bar

Concrete slab dowel bars are used to transfer the load from one slab to another whilst permitting axial thermal expansion along the axis of the dowel. Austenitic stainless steel dowel bars are generally produced from plain round material. They provide a durable, corrosion resisting solution to connections in concrete or other structural applications. Available in a range of sizes, material grades and strengths, there is a suitable dowel bar for most requirements. Tying Wire

Austenitic Stainless Steel Tying Wire is produced from 1.2 mm diameter Austenitic stainless steel, Annealed, grade 304, and for heavy corrosion applications, grade 316 stainless steel is available to special order. Mesh Fabric

Stainless steel mesh is generally in accordance with BS4483; provided as standard in 4m x 2m panel. Other size panels and bespoke shapes are supplied to meet with your specification. Below are standard sizes supplied in 4m x 2 m panels. Threaded Anchors

Security and life long confidence is assured when using stainless reinforcing bar for Rock Bolts and Soil Nails. Stainless steel provides an economic strength to cost ratio when compared to other corrosion protection systems.

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