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Thu May 28 2020

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County Drains Leicester Ltd

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County Drains (Leicester) Ltd is a fast growing drainage company who have always moved with the times, ensuring that all equipment and technology is kept up to date. This allows the clients needs to be met, without compromise.

Our directors alone have over 40 years of experience in the drainage and drain cleaning business.

Our services inculde:

High Pressure Water Jetting

We have an extensive range of high pressure jetting units. All of which are diesel powered. These include both van pack and trailer mounted which allows easy access and parking.

These units range from 4,000psi @ 12gpm to 3,000psi @ 16gpm. The versatility of these machines allow for all types of water jetting work including:

•Sewer and Drain Cleaning

•Pumping Out Flooded Areas

•Pipe Work Flushing and Cleaning


•Root Cutting

•Encrustation Removal

•Pressure Washing

Drain CCTV Surveys

Our range of CCTV Units can operate in pipe work between 75mm and 1200mm. Our small units can CCTV pipe work between 75mm and 225mm. They are all fitted with self-leveling heads, allowing for the picture to always be true and accurate.

Re-lining and Excavations

Pipe re-lining allows you to restore the structural integrity of a pipe without excavating. Damage to the pipe may have been caused by root intrusion, partial collapse / hole in pipe or leakage from or into the pipe. All of these problems can be solved by re-lining.

Preventative / Planned Maintenance

Types of Work undertaken as part of a planned maintenance program:

•Cleaning of both Foul and Storm Drains

•Cleaning of all guttering and Down-Pipes.

•Grease traps emptied and cleaned.

•Sinks, Showers and Baths cleaned.

•De-scaling of Urinals

•Waste Gullies

•Surface Water Gullies.

Vacuum Tankers

A wide variety of tasks can be completed using this equipment. Some examples are :

•Sewer Cleaning from 150mm to 500mm

•Maintenance of Existing Pipe work Systems

•Culvert Cleaning

•Surface Water Drainage Cleaning

•Cleaning / De-silting of both Petrol and Oil Interceptors

•Emptying Catch pits

•Septic Tanks

•Gully Emptying / Cleaning

•Flood Clearance

•Wet Well Cleansing

•Tank Emptying

•Grease Trap Emptying / Cleaning

Pollution / Intercepter Control

and House Maintenance

County Drains supply, fit and service Interceptor oil & silt monitors. These interceptors and monitors alert attention when oil or silt levels are getting high or when interceptors require emptying. With bespoke system designing, there can be a solution for any site application.

Specialist Drainage Equipment

Root Cutting Machines.

This machine is high pressure water powered, operating in pipe work from 100mm (4") to 225mm (9"). It is designed to remove root intrusion without damaging the pipe due to its skid assembly system. This positions the root cutter centrally in the pipe allowing it to carry out its work quickly and efficiently.

Rotary Chain System.

This versatile tool is suitable for cutting fibrous roots, de-scaling or removing encrustation from pipe work, especially cast iron. It has a variety of different length chains, and a serrated edged centre attachment for braking down stubborn blockages.

Jetting Nozzles.

We use a large number of different jetting nozzles, all of which have different benefits. These range from forward facing jets which are used for clearing blockages. Rear facing jets which are used for cleaning pipe work, also spinning jets and large bomb jets are used depending on work requirements.

Drain and Sonar Tracing and Sewer Dye.

An electronic sonde is used by propelling it down the pipe/sewer in the desired direction. a C.A.T unit is then used to detect the whereabouts of the sonde. It then provides us with an accurate position and depth. This allows easy location and detection of blockages, collapses or direction of drain runs.

Sewer Dye is a powered dye which is mixed with water. This water is then pumped into the desired pipe work. The coloured dye can then be followed and traced.

Automatic Spring Machine.

This machine allows us to carry out work on drains, including bends and siphon traps from 12mm to 75mm. It is electrically operated by using an air activated foot switch, thus allowing us to complete the task safely and under full control using two hands.

•Clearing of Blockages

•Removal of Scale

•Removal of Root Intrusion

•Removal of Hair/Soap build up

•Cleaning of Pipe Work.

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