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Crestchic Limited

Thu April 26 2018

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0844 273 8136Crestchic Limited

Crestchic are the world's leading loadbank specialists.

We have been Specialising in loadbank manufacture since 1983, Crestchic has the knowledge and expertise to meet your power load testing requirements, and exceed your expectations. With sales and rentals offices in the UK, North America, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany and Dubai, Crestchic are the largest loadbank specialists in the world.

Crestchic have a very extensive range of both AC and DC Loadbanks which includes:

30kW Resistive loadbanks (AC), 100kw Resistive loadbanks (AC), 200kW Resistive loadbanks (AC), 600kW Resistive loadbanks (AC), 1000 kW Resistive loadbanks (AC), 3000 kW Resistive loadbanks (AC), 150kVAR Reactive loadbanks (AC), 825kVA Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC), 1000kVA Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC), 1650 kVA Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC), 3.3MVA Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC), 6.0 MVA Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC), 6.0MVA 690V Resistive and Reactive loadbanks (AC). 250A 24V (DC) loadbanks, 2500A 28V (DC) loadbanks, 600/330 Amp 200V (DC) loadbanks, 3300 Amp 200V (DC) loadbanks, 760/380A 220/440V (DC) loadbanks, 1900A/950A 350/700V (DC) loadbanks.

Crestchic also provide a range of transformers which includes:

4000 kVA transformers, 2900 kVA transformers, 5800 kVA transformers. Load Banks

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Getting in contact with Crestchic Limited

Second Avenue
Centrum 100
Burton on Trent
DE14 2WF

Tel: 0844 273 8136
Fax: 01283 510103

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