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Thu May 28 2020

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Custom Audio Designs Ltd

01730 269572

Custom Audio Designs Ltd is one of the UK's leading soundproofing and acoustic noise control specialists providing not only qualified acoustic consultancy but high quality, effective, noise control and soundproofing products and solutions for virtually any noise problem be it commercial sound insulation, domestic sound insulation, industrial sound insulation or environmental noise control.

From standard off-the-shelf materials to bespoke acoustic panels, OEM acoustic foam cut parts, anti-vibration isolators, acoustic doors, acoustic seals, acoustic diffusers, acoustic ceiling clouds, acoustic stage shells, soundproof flooring systems, soundproof wall systems, soundproof ceiling systems, environmental noise barriers, industrial machine enclosures and speciality products such as bass traps, foams and fabrics for recording studios.

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5 Ridgeway Office Park
Bedford Road
GU32 3QF

Tel: 01730 269572

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