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Thu February 20 2020

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DNS Midlands Limited

0844 3348355

With over 50 years experience, we are one of the UK's leading specialists in ground works, soil engineering and associated services. We have established enduring relationships with many clients who appreciate our considerable expertise and total commitment to deliver a high quality, professional job.

Our services inculde:

Bulk Excavation

Our origins lie in bulk excavation and earthmoving applications and we have a dedicated team who will quickly and efficiently respond to your needs. Using the very latest equipment we'll typically handle projects ranging from 500m3 up to 500,000m3 .

Our no-nonsense approach means we'll get the job done fast and on time. We also have considerable expertise in the removal and disposal of contaminated materials, particularly where brown field site development is taking place.

Feel free to contact us for full details of our bulk excavation, earthmoving & contaminated materials disposal.

Site Clearance

The logistics of site re-development can be quite demanding so you ideally need a partner who can remove much of the hassle. DNS provides a no-nonsense site clearance service to remove site debris and waste materials. Brief us on the job and we'll sort it, fast and competitively. In addition, we can offer a concrete and brick recycling service, ensuring that any environmental issues can also be dealt with efficiently.

Remember that DNS can also handle the excavation and soil engineering duties, ensuring a smooth integration to the start of building works.

If you have site clearance projects, particularly where there are environmental issues to be addressed, call in DNS. Our expertise will save you time, hassle and money.

Aggregate Recycling

At DNS we bring a refreshing level of service to meet our clients needs. Our problem-solving approach helps our customers find the rights solutions - whatever they might be.

We can be called upon to undertake site clearance and recycling of aggregates as part of the project, particularly where environmental issues prevail. Using high performance crushing plant we'll turn rocks to rubble in no time.

DNS can be relied upon to deliver professional advice and a service that's second to none - whatever your requirements. If you have a project, talk to us today and we'll find the most cost-effective way of helping you achieve your objectives.


DNS has considerable experience in controlled, precision & salvage demolition applications. This would typically involve low-rise industrial & commercial buildings where re-development work is taking place.

Our specialist engineers can efficiently handle a wide range of demolition duties. We are often employed on projects where demolition is quickly followed by excavation work - DNS can seamlessly handle both operations.

Whatever your demolition needs, talk to DNS. We can advise you on the most cost-effective method of completing your project. We use highly specialised equipment which means you're assured of a reliable and professional service.

Soil Stabilisation

Traditional methods of profiling a construction site can prove to be time consuming and costly. If you are looking for an alternative method of stabilising soil conditions on site, talk to DNS. It can be far quicker and cheaper to stabilise existing soil conditions with binders like lime and cement. We have considerable expertise in this area and can assists you with the design of site levels to give optimum utlisation of soil. Naturally, we can include earth-moving as part of the process if the project requires this.

Soil stabilisation needs a specialist approach and that's where DNS can help. We have experience of projects up to 200,000m3 and can provide advice, specialist equipment and practical assistance to fully prepare sites ready for building works.

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