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Wed October 16 2019

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Darfen Durafencing

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Darfen Durafencing is the UK market leader in the supply and installation of perimeter fencing and access control systems. We are a well established fencing company with almost 100 years experience.

Our Group:

Darfen Durafencing is a principal trading division of CRH Fencing Limited, the UK market leader in industrial, commercial, sports and security fencing with a turnover in excess of £40 million. CRH Fencing Ltd is, in turn, part of the Dublin based CRH Group plc with operations world-wide, and turnover of approximately £15 billion.

Our product range inculdes:

Permanent Fencing

We provide a wide range of permanent fencing systems.

Acoustic fencing

Acoustic fencing is designed to help overcome noise pollution problems, often used by busy roads or motorways acoustic fencing can act as an effective noise barrier.

Welded Mesh Panel Fencing

Extremely popular in mainland Europe and now rapidly growing in use in the UK, welded wire mesh fencing systems are increasingly perceived to have much improved aesthetic qualities over more traditional UK offerings, whilst providing good security performance and vandal resistance. One of the first suppliers in the UK, Darfen offer a huge range of welded mesh panel fencing.

Steel Railings

Modern railing designs are constructed from hollow section steels rather than the solid sections used in their "traditional" counterparts with greater consideration given to aesthetic appeal and security of panel to post fixings.

Steel Railings - Traditional

The longer established UK railing products are commonly prefabricated into fully welded panels from a range of solid steel sections. Such fences, when correctly installed, have proven durability spanning numbers of decades and are available in a multitude of designs.

Steel Palisade Fencing

The UK's most popular fencing for locations requiring security and vandal resistance. Flexible build system allows for contoured terrain to be fenced without detailed pre-planning.

Expanded Metal Fencing

Expanded metal mesh fabric is formed from sheet steel in such a way that each panel is one continuous component - intersections are not welded or woven. This makes for a highly durable and vandal resistant form of perimeter protection with a variety of mesh profiles to choose from.

Chain Link Fencing

Manufactured from wire woven into a diamond mesh pattern, extremely versatile, and relatively inexpensive as a means of general boundary demarcation.

Welded Mesh Roll Fencing

Manufactured from galvanised wire, electrically welded at every intersection, to provide a more secure perimeter than chain link, yet with comparable "see through" visibility.

Security Toppings

Security Toppings are a highly economic means of increasing the height of a fence as well as significantly enhancing its anti-climb characteristics.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems

Perimeter intruder detection systems that signal an alarm when an intruder is detected trying to breach or climb over the fence.

Grating Fence

Grating Fencing is made from flat steel vertical bars and horizontal round bars which are electrofused at each intersection for an extremely robust and long lasting fence.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing is a must-have in today’s construction industry. Not only is it important to protect your building site, but it is also paramount that you provide a safe environment for your employees and the general public. Through a specialist hoarding division (Darfen Hoardings) we offer a range of temporary fencing systems and specifications that will help to protect your site and reduce the risk of the thousands of site thefts which occur each year. Click on the links below to find out more about our temporary fencing systems or telephone Darfen Hoardings on 08457 023 878.

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