Datum Roadsweepers Limited

Thu May 28 2020

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Datum Roadsweepers Limited

0191 378 4455

Designers and manufacturers of roadsweeping attachments supplied to the agricultural, construction and muncipal industries worldwide.

Our product range inculdes:

BBX Bucket Sweeper Collector; CBX Rear Compact Tractor Sweeper; DMX Front Loader Sweeper Collector; FSX Front Tractor Sweeper; FTX Front Loader Sweeper; RTX - HYD Rear Tractor Sweeper; RTX - PTO Rear Tractor Sweeper.

We supply a full range of brush sections and spares for Sturdiluxe and Datum Roadsweepers Ltd. Sweepers and Sweeper Collectors.

In addition to our standard range, we supply brushes to suit ALL leading makes of sweepers and sweeper collectors.

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Getting in contact with Datum Roadsweepers Limited

Unit E, Edwardson Road
Meadowfield Industrial Estate

Tel: 0191 378 4455

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