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Wed November 20 2019

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Dig A Crusher Limited

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A DIG-A-CRUSHER bucket crusher produces the lowest cost per tonne processing on site. High transport and disposal costs make the DIG-A-CRUSHER the most cost efficient jaw crusher for processing materials.

Now you can undertake jobs that previously proved uneconomical by using this compact high performance machine. DIG-A-CRUSHER bucket crushers are available in three sizes (700mm x 500mm, 900mm x 450mm, 1200mm x 450mm).Whatever fits into the bucket will be crushed. As simple as that. Kerbstones, bricks, blocks, reinforced concrete posts all get crushed without the slightest hint of indigestion. Reinforced bars get stripped, not tangled. Unlike larger crushers, the DIG-A-CRUSHER bucket crusher can be tipped

upside down should a blockage occur reducing down-time.On larger sites, material including concrete can be crushed in situ, thereby avoiding

the need to moving the material to a central area for processing.

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