Directional Drilling Uk Ltd

Mon October 14 2019

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Directional Drilling Uk Ltd


We can provide the following

* Directional Drilling rigs from 12 ton up to 300 ton.

* Micro Tunneling machines which can do pipe sizes from 20in up to 72in.

* Pipe Jacking from 2m ID up to 3m ID.

* Shaft Sinking and manhole building up to 10m wide and 30m deep.

* Mole Ploughing.

* Trenching.

* Manpower supplies for the directional drilling industry,eg site superintendent, operators, steering engineers and mud engineers, to work on rigs up to 500 tons.

* Pipe ramming hammer up to 3.0m diameter.

Getting in contact with Directional Drilling Uk Ltd

19 Wellington Square

Tel: 07802841136

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