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Sun February 23 2020

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EMS Group (Environmental Management Solutions Group Holdings Ltd)

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EMS Group (Environmental Management Solutions Group Holdings Ltd) The EMS Group offers an extensive range of services in the fields of asbestos, ventilation hygiene and Industrial Cleaning. We specialise in using innovation to offer complete solutions with ongoing management. Environmental Management Solutions Services Limited (EMSS) is the Group's trading company, operating the services of asbestos remediation, ventilation hygiene, ventilation management, industrial cleaning solutions, architectural design and bespoke training courses for the built-in environment. To compliment these services, we provide risk management solutions as an intelligent approach to all our clients risk regarding their property portfolio. This typically includes risks and hazards associated with chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological issues, as well as anthrax, asbestos and air quality. Advice and practical/operational solutions give EMSS a unique suite of services to our Blue Chip clients.

Asbestos Remediation: EMS Group have invested and developed state of the art services that focus on the delivery of asbestos remediation including; suppressed removal, de-contamination, mechanical protection or encapsulation and soft strip dismantling. We have unique specialist expertise in the recovery of asbestos contamination from within mechanical ventilation system.

Ventilation Hygiene: The preferred choice for kitchen extract cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, sanitation and decontamination of ventilation systems, maintenance and replacement of fire dampers, to reduce the risk of fire in buildings. All work carried out follows the regulations and guidance of TR/19: Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

Ventilation Management: EMS Group has developed a unique software (VMP), which ensures transparency and verification demonstrating value for money, when managing the cleanliness of ventilation and ducting systems. VMP can manage the cleaning requirements for a single ventilation system or run full reports for multiple sites.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Our environmental approach to industrial cleaning is at the forefront of technology utilisation. Our cleaning methods include the usage of IceTech Dry Ice Cleaning System, the Dry Blasting Recovery System, and the Waterfed Pole System. These methods are used in the cleaning process of graffiti removal, ductwork, grease, oil, chewing gum removal, window cleaning, lead paint removal, and other toxic coatings.

Training School: EMS Group are a registered training provider with the Health & Safety Executive, providing training on asbestos awareness, health & safety, first aid and ventilation hygiene awareness. All courses are undertaken at our in house training school.

Architectural Design: EMS Group offers a range of professional drawing services producing floor plan surveys, detailed topographical land surveys, as well as site dilapidation's and conditions surveys.

The Group is committed to working closely with clients to ensure that their requests are fully understood and that the services provided satisfy those needs. All companies within the Group operate Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems, meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000: 14001 and 18001. EMS Group employs a Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager: who is responsible for the management and development of the ISO9001and safety management systems throughout EMSS. We are also proud to announce that we have been awarded the Investors in People award, which demonstrates that we have achieved excellence in our management systems.

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