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Wed November 14 2018

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Goggles on for site induction

3 May: With an eye to the future, Morrison Construction has invested in a virtual reality system for site safety inductions.

Tideway woman designs burka-friendly PPE

6 Oct 17: A Muslim woman working on London’s Thames Tideway ‘super sewer’ has helped design work clothing suitable for women on construction sites who wear a hijab and burka.

University turns cockroaches into cyborg surveyors

22 Nov 16: Researchers at North Carolina State University in the USA are developing a method for using insect cyborgs – also known as biobots – to map large, unfamiliar areas such as collapsed buildings after a disaster.

Mammoth remains found on A14

25 Oct: Contractors on the A14 upgrade project have uncovered the bones of prehistoric animals while dredging for gravel.

Boot lamps, anyone?

15 Jun: A US company that developed LED lights that attach to training shoes for night-time joggers has now developed an industrial version for nightshift construction workers.

Videos highlight risks to road workers

9 May: The risks posed by reckless and selfish motorists to those who maintain the road network are highlighted in a couple of videos released by Highways England as part of a safety campaign.

Flood-proof jack-up house planned

8 Nov 16: Developer Larkfleet Group has applied for planning permission to build a prototype house that can be jacked up on stilts in the event of a flood warning.

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