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Thu May 28 2020

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Encon Air Systems Ltd

0845 128 9757

We produce a wide range of fan powered extract and input ventilation equipment, together with a range of louvred ventilators, which are suitable for installation in all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

For the past 35 years we have been involved in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of our systems, and in addition to our own products we are recommended installers for a number of other manufacturers.

Our customers approach us for help in a variety of different applications including:

General Ventilation, Evaporative Cooling, Factory Heating, Air Conditioning, Fume & Dust Extraction.

We specialise in at source ventilation systems which are necessary to meet the current C.O.S.H.H. Regulations.

We offer a FREE site survey from which we are able to produce a report and recommendations together with a competitive quotation.

Our premier service department employs only the most highly trained and qualified group of technicians in the industry.

Unlike many other companies, our service technicians will work on just about every type of ventilation, heating, cooling and dust/fume extraction equipment. They are highly qualified in their respective trades and are constantly upgrading their skills by attending training classes and reviewing manufacturer\'s service manuals. They attend regular meetings to discuss problems in the field and ways to solve and improve them.

Encon Air Systems manufacture a complete range of fan powered extract and inlet ventilation units, as well as natural ventilation systems, designed to meet your specific air movement requirements.

Encon Air Systems are leading providers of dust and fume extraction equipment, installations and services.

We are able to offer a total solution to your Dust and Fume problems from a single point of extraction through to large multi application requirements. Encon extraction systems are designed to meet your specific needs sourcing products from the best manufactures world wide.

Full turnkey industrial and commercial warm air and radiant systems provided CORGI Registered.

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