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Sat May 30 2020

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Euroseal Ltd

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Euroseal are specialist thermoplastic extruders based in the UK’s West Midlands, Birmingham. Since 1993 we’ve been providing high quality rigid and co-extrusions to the trade, and can manufacture profiles to your exact requirements.

We’re able to apply our expertise in all areas of product development including design, material specification, and the use of bespoke tooling to manufacture extrusions for virtually any application. Unlike other plastic extruders, Euroseal can cater for both large distributors and individual clients, as we have the capacity to extrude profiles in small and large batch production runs.

Euroseal serve specialist extrusions to a range of different industry sectors including:


The construction industry is heavily dependent on the use of plastic extrusions, as PVC and other plastics are used as lightweight, flexible alternatives to more traditional building materials.

Our extrusions have been used in everything from guttering, piping, fascias and soffits though to to more specific applications such as insulation and protective housings for cabling and electronics.


Euroseal provide a wide range of electrical plastics for use in almost any electrical application.

Plastic extrusions are used in all varieties of electrical equipment as electrical insulation, and as protective housings. Compared with other material choices, plastic extrusions can be easily moulded to the shape of particular electrical appliances, or be created to house specific cable routing channels.


Engineering and manufacturing industries make frequent use of plastic extrusions, and Euroseal are able to cater for the varying applications within this sector by extruding a huge selection of engineering plastic products.

Due to the versatility of plastic extrusions, they have many important uses in engineering contexts, including insulation, protective coverings for machinery, tubing, and as components in large and complex constructions.

Office furniture & trims

Offices and similar working environments make extensive use of plastic extrusions. Durable, easy to produce, and more lightweight than alternative materials, office plastics are used in a huge array of work spaces.

Euroseal have the capability and capacity to extrude office plastics for almost any application, including door surrounds and tracking, office partitions, and plastic office strips for both walls and ceilings.


Euroseal have experience serving numerous clients operating within the retail and display sectors. As a result, we are readily able to design and extrude the wide range of retail plastics used within the industry.

The retail industry makes use of retail plastics for applications such as curtain tracking, shelving displays, and various types of product displays. Euroseal have the capability to extrude all of these retail plastics, as well as producing trims for almost any type of retail display.


Euroseal can extrude packaging plastics used to prevent goods from getting damaged in transit. Plastic extruded packaging is widely used for transportation as it is strong, can be reused time and time again, and offers complete protection from almost any kind of impact or external pressures.


The use of extruded plastics within the horticulture sector can vary widely. Whether it’s protective covering for gardening tools, PVC edging, or decking, horticulture plastics are used widely within the industry.

Euroseal have the capability and capacity to extrude almost any profile required for horticultural use, and have extensive experience serving clients in this sector. We can extrude all of the horticulture plastics below, as well as completely bespoke extrusions for almost any use.


Plastic extrusions are extensively used within the automotive industry, specifically on commercial vehicle trailers. At Euroseal we extrude a range of transport plastics for use in commercial vehicles – our range including pelmets, kickboards and buffer profiles.

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