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Sat August 17 2019

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Eve is the industry leading supplier of temporary access systems and related services. It has now been in business for over 45 years. Eve attributes this far-from-temporary existence to its customer service record, attention to detail and meticulous project management. By building great relationships with customers, and by employing fully trained and qualified staff, it has found that keeping up impossibly high standards is actually very possible.

Trakway systems; barriers and fencing; traffic management; security and mobile lighting: all are handled with equal professionalism. And Eve has the certification, awards and happy customers to prove it, including accreditation for ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and BS 8901 Sustainability. Which makes it unique within the industry. So however fast Eve turns jobs round for you, and the answer is usually very, speed is never to the detriment of its service. You're always in safe hands.

Trakway Systems


These come in both aluminium and plastic. They are capable of accommodating anything from pedestrian to heavy traffic involving equally heavy vehicles.


Versatility is also a major feature of our temporary walkways. Eve takes pedestrians just as seriously as vehicles, and with the widest range in the industry, enable access by foot to practically anywhere and across a huge variety of surfaces.

Pitch coverings:

To cover turf for long periods (with crowds of people walking across the cover) without grass suffering irreparable damage requires a specialist product. Well, its pitch covering is precisely that.


In keeping with all other products, the pedestrian and vehicle bridges are quick to construct, very little ground preparation is needed, and they are extremely versatile.

Barriers and Fencing


Eve has amassed around 45 year's expertise in this field. The stock ranges from government agency heavy duty to lightweight barriers, plus turnstiles and front of stage.


Keeping an outdoor site safe and secure is a demanding role for temporary fencing. Fortunately, Eve has a number of different models that fit the bill perfectly. These range from 2m to 4.12m in height.

Traffic Management

Eve can supply all types of traffic control systems and special signage, delivered by its sister company ATM Traffic Solutions, and provide, both for the UK's road network and for special events, guaranteed service and support.


Technology is used to great effect by its innovative on-site security system, EveSecure, comprising a sensor and alert system with mobile patrols. As well as the high-tech stuff, Eve can also offer the services of some of the finest security guards you could hope to find.

Mobile Lighting

Eve can supply a range of mobile lighting solutions, delivered through its sister company Brightlights (www.brightlights-towers.co.uk), encompassing mobile tower lights and associated equipment. With a specialist fleet of lights that not only take into consideration energy conservation, reduce environmental impact, minimise noise as well as being compact and robust.

Thank you for reading. Eve hopes this could be the start of a beautiful, non-temporary, relationship.

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