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F Board

Sun March 24 2019

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F Board

F-Board is a revolutionary scaffold platform system.

Made to the same size as traditional wooden boards and from 100% recycled plastic, it’s non-slip, consistently lightweight, quick to erect and easy to handle.

Its lock-down retaining system minimizes trips and its unique surface is designed to reduce slip hazards. It’s stronger than traditional wooden boards, and lasts at least twice as long.

Whether you’re replacing wooden boards as they come to the end of their life, or updating your entire scaffolding stock, F-Board makes good business sense. It lasts at least twice as long as wooden boards and brings a range of additional benefits that work to save you even more money in the long run.

Getting in contact with F Board

Unit 23/24, Prothero Industrial Estate
Bilport Lane
West Midlands
WS10 0NT