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Thu December 05 2019

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Farrat Isolevel Ltd

0161 9241600

Farrat Isolevel manufacture a comprehensive range of structure borne vibration isolation products and systems such as Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors, Acoustic Structural Bearings and Isolated Foundations etc.

As well as the structural range of products, Farrat also manufacture a range of industrial machine mounting products such as Wedge Level mounts, Precision leveling elements, Anti-vibration mounts such as Isomounts and the larger Isobloc for presses etc. For large, precision or high impact machinery Farrat are experts frequency tuned isolated foundation systems.

With 50 years experience in the acoustic and vibration isolation field we regularly work with clients to design the optimum solution for all kinds of structure borne vibration problems.

Farrat exports globally and has successfully supplied a number of high profile Middle Eastern customers. We pride ourselves on our technical, manufacturing and organisational abilities.

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