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Sun May 31 2020

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Filterall supplies a full range of superior oil purification, regeneration and PCB destruction equipment. We also offer transformer oils in both drums and bulk lots and the most complete line of industrial filtration elements available on the market today.

Serving customers world-wide since 1979. Our equipment is used by major utilities and allied industries across the globe and enjoys an international reputation for performance, economy, reliability and short payback periods.

Services include: Purification involves the removal of solids and other impurities including water, gases and sludge from oils and fuels. Oil purification forms an important part of regular preventative transformer maintenance.

We have been supplying oil purification plants to the electrical generation market for twenty years. Our strength is particularly strong in the area of transformer oil purification. All our purifiers, both mobile and fixed, provide extremely favourable returns on investment for our clients.

When oil in a transformer reaches a stage (due toageing process) where purification is no longer efficient, the oil must be changed or regenerated. Regeneration is the complete treatment of oil to like new condition.

Whilst Oil Purification will degas and dehydrate oil efficiently, it will not remove contaminations such as acidity, sludge and other decaying products. Regeneration on the other hand will remove all the above contaminants as well as improve colour and oxidisation stability.

Filterall is a name you trust for the difficult task of removing and destroying polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) from transformer oil.

Our transformer oil PCB destruction plant has been serving the industry for many years, on a contract basis, but is now available for sale to selected users. It is sold in two versions, PCB-D and PCBGone, as an independent plant or as part of a transformer oil regeneration plant.

Paper copy of Specification S212 should be requested for further details on our latest PCB-D plant.

We offers the most complete line of industrial filtration elements available on the market today, covering oil, fuel, water and air applications.

We supply a comprehensive range of high quality replacement filter elements. These are equal to and cross reference to most original brand elements. We are also able to offer new designs, sizes and configurations for use in specialised applications.

Raial Fin Elements, Metal Elements, Coalescer & Separator, Air & Oil Separator, Absorption Elements, Adsorption elements, depth elements, spin on elements, Pleated media elements liquid, pleated media elements air, wound elements, filtration bags.

Offering a comprehensive transformer oil laboratory analysis service and can carry out oil purification and regeneration on your site. We also operate a cost effective waste oil removal and tank cleaning service.

We offers a comprehensive transformer oil laboratory analysis service that allows you to determine the health of your transformer oil.

We can collect the oil samples for you, or you can collect them yourself. We offer detailed advice on sampling and, if necessary, can provide you with sample collection equipment.

Further to laboratory findings, we will advise you on the action required to ensure continued reliability and service availability of your transformer. Because of our procedures for safe transport of oil samples by air, we are able to offer our transformer oil laboratory analysis service to transformer users throughout the world.

For more details on this service, please refer to our Transformer Oil Analysis Service paper.

For guidance on sample collection, please refer to our Guidance For Collection of Transformer Oil Samples paper.

We offers a service to industry in the form of an on site transformer oil filtration and purification service.

Are You Happy That Acids, Sludges and Water Are Feasting on Your Transformer\'s Insulating System?

Do the Risks Associated with PCBs in Your Oil Concern You?

Using our mobile or portable oil filtration and purification plants, we can visit your site and carry out filtration, dehydration, degassing and de-acidification of your transformers. We are able to carry out oil regeneration and transformer conditioning at site on energised transformers, which greatly contributes to extended transformer life. This service offers even greater rewards and advantages to the user.

We offer a collection and approved disposal service for \"waste oil\" utilising a centrally located licensed waste oil facility.

A fleet of vacuum and carge tankers offering a multiple of 4,500 litre and 27,000 litre capacities is available for bulk waste collection. This is complimented by flat bed lorry availability fitted with drop tail gates for easy loading of containerised / drummed waste oil. Drivers are trained in the transport and handling of contaminated oils. Filterall also provide a tank cleaning service staffed by fully trained personnel.

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