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Mon January 27 2020

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Furnace Eningeering & Equipment Limited

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Furnace Engineering and Equipment Ltd. are specialists in heat treatment furnace engineering, supplying both new and used heat treatment furnace equipment. This includes sealed quench furnaces, large vacuum furnace plant both to the UK and overseas markets. The range of heat treatment furnaces we supply to the heat treater includes, Sealed Quench, Mesh Belt furnaces, including Austempering Lines, carburising Pit Furnaces, Continuous in Line Plant with furnace wash and Temperer facility, Aluminium Solution Furnaces, and Endothermic Gas Generators and a range of small to large vacuum furnace plant. We have supplied furnace equipment new, used and re furbished in the U.K. to many locations overseas. Sealed Quench heat treatment furnace equipment can be supplied as a complete installation for the carburising, hardening, nitro-carburising processes in a sealed quench furnace, with wash and tempering facility together with an atmosphere supplied by endothermic gas generators or nitrogen methanol. We can supply all types of new vacuum furnaces including front loading, horizontal, bottom car and top loading from small sizes to large vacuum furnace equipment. Heat Treatment Furnace mesh belts can be supplied both new and used, with internal atmosphere generating retorts, all incorporating the latest technology process control systems. Based in the U.K., we supply new heat treatment plant from our associated company in Italy and also supply used plant, which can be fully refurbished here in the U.K. Furnace Engineering can also offer to repair, service and commission your plant. We carry out sealed quench re bricks and we are suppliers of complete silicon carbide muffle assemblies for Ipsen sealed quench furnaces. Among the spare parts available are fans, conveyor chains, generator catalyst, radiant tubes for all furnace types and specifically for Ipsen furnaces.

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