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Sat June 06 2020

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G T Precision Products Limited

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The Heavy / Medium Duty automotive industry is under intense pressure to further reduce environmental pollution due to the new gas emissions legislation worldwide. Euro 4/5/6, US 7/10 and Japan 9 legislations set high standards.

GT Precision Products provide truck and diesel engine manufacturers with a range of exhaust gas control valves (EGR Valves and Exhaust brakes) to help achieve these emissions targets.

GT Product Range Includes:-

• Exhaust Brakes

• EGR Valves (Hot and Cold side)

• Pneumatic Actuators

• Pneumatic Actuators with positional control

• Vacuum Pumps

• Brake Actuators

• Clutch Servos

• Air Governor Valves

• Hand Control Valves

• Spring Brakes Actuators

• Foot Brake Valves

Exhaust Brakes and EGRs

Exhaust brakes are available in two forms : The standard exhaust brake and the EPM (exhaust pressure modulator). Both products work by controlling back pressure into the engine. The EPM, improves braking performace acrros a range of engine speeds.

In order to help diesel engines adhere to emissions standards worldwide, GT Precision Products manufacture exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) brakes. The EGR valves are actuated either pneumatically or electrically, both systems using positioning sensors that can be linked to the engine managament unit.

GT Precision Products continues to add to its extensive product range, offering an expanse of engineered automotive products meeting the continuing demands of the world's OEMs.

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