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Fri May 29 2020

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G&T Training Services


Construction, Industrial and Festival Sites Plant Assessments.

We are an approved NPORS LTD training provider and have been for the last 7 years, using freelance instructors from most parts of the country we are able to fulfill most training requests.

Our training is carried out on customers own sites using their Plant and Equipment, this is the cheapest way of providing a good deal for you the customer and enables us to limit downtime of your staff and lost production. Disruption will be kept to a minimum.

The ability to adapt operator tests on the day with the conditions we are presented with is the advantage of testing to the NPORS LTD registration scheme.

Training courses are notified 48hrs ahead, this does not restrict any training or testing the instructors can still be flexible, helpful and carryout their jobs professionally at short notice.

Weekend testing is also available and we can cover 7 days a week with plenty of notice.

The majority of any agreed fees for our services are on a day rate plus a card fee, not per person which we do not agree with. Some out sourced courses however may be priced that way.

We cover most of the Plant Equipment used on site but do occasionally have to recommend other training providers that we use and trust for more specialist equipment.

Covering the majority of the UK there should be no need for you to look too far for a training provider and we are always available to help on the phone.

First Aid and Manual Handling also available on your site as well as other shorter courses like Abrasive wheels and Vehicle Banksman.

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