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Wed April 01 2020

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Gartec Limited

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Gartec Limited is the leading supplier and installer of platform lifts for disabled access in the UK.

Having now installed over 3000 platform lifts in the UK over the 11 years we have been in business we are able to draw on our considerable experience to provide a solution to any access problem. You can be rest assured that we always provide the best possible advice when it comes to installing a platform lift for disabled access.

We supply a complete range of platform lifts, from simple low-rise wheelchair platforms up to enclosed platform lifts capable of travelling up to 12 metres. We are also one of the few companies offering an enclosed platform lift specifically designed for domestic use - the Gartec Mini Lift. More information on this can be found under our products section.

Our platform lifts are designed and manufactured in Sweden and have all the attributes associated with products from Scandinavia: durability, reliability and quality. We continually develop and refine our products to stay ahead of changing markets and regulations, and our platform lifts for disabled access have been installed in a wide variety of locations such as commercial office premises, health and leisure centres, theatres, schools and retail outlets - both internally and externally.

Gartec offers two different categories of products - platform lifts for disabled access, and hydraulic lifts for general building access. Below you will find brief descriptions of our products within these two categories with links to find out further information.

Disabled Platform Lift

The Gartec Disabled Platform Lift (DPL) is our flagship product. It provides the ideal solution for disabled access in buildings with travel up to 12 metres and can carry an optimum load of up to 630kg. Mini Lift (Home Lift)

The Gartec Minilift is very similar to our main product, the Gartec Disabled Platform Lift (DPL). However, this lift is specifically designed for domestic use for travel up to 9 metres, and can carry an optimum load of 225 kg. Low Up Wheelchair Lift

The Gartec Low Up Wheelchair Lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is designed to travel up to 0.5 metres. Strategos Wheelchair Lift

The Gartec Strategos Wheelchair Lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is designed to travel up to 2 metres and can carry an optimum load of 300kg made up of 2 persons plus a wheelchair.Platform Stairlift

The Gartec Platform Stairlift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is compact and self-contained. The lift can be folded and parked when not in use providing clear access to the staircase for other users, making it suitable for areas where space is at a premium. Hydraulic and Traction Lifts

Gartec is the UK agent for GMV � the worlds #1 manufacturer of Hydraulic Lift Equipment. We�ve got everything you need for GMV lifts, from complete hydraulic lift systems, through to rams, pump units, heat exchangers and spare parts.

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