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Tue March 31 2020

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Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Limited

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Gemini Data Loggers, the company behind the Tinytag electronic data recorders, was established in 1984.

Based in the UK, Gemini Data Loggers first produced the Tinytalk temperature data logger to their own design in 1992, choosing the same year to begin international trade through distributors such as RS Components and Intab Interface.

Gemini Data Loggers quickly expanded its range with a relative humidity logger in 1993, before going on to produce the first Tinytag and Tinyview loggers in 1994 and 1996.

Around this time there was significant expansion with Gemini Data Loggers successfully exporting to Japan (1994), the Pacific Rim countries, including Australia (1995), India (1996) and South Africa (1996).

Gemini Data Loggers now trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors.

As well as manufacturing Tinytag data loggers, all Tinytag hardware, firmware and software is designed in-house, enabling tight quality control and the flexibility to respond to customer needs. Proud of its innovative designs, Gemini Data Loggers is committed to on-going product development with 10% of its revenue spent on development.

Data loggers, data logging software, probes and accessories for monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters are included in this range.

The Tinytag range of data loggers offers an array of features such as ruggedness, waterproofing and various memory sizes to meet your requirements in recording temperature, humidity or other parameters over a period of time. Furthermore, external sensors in the form of probes are available to access places a logger cannot.

Tinytags are easy to use. Connect the logger to your PC with a USB or serial cable and use Tinytag Explorer software to configure the logger and leave it in place to record the data.

Tinytags can be supplied with UKAS traceable calibration certificates for validation purposes.

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