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Tue March 31 2020

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****LATEST NEWS*** GenAir are set for a Green Apple Award for their All Weather All Electric Air Compressor

GenAir UK Limited has one of the largest hire fleets of specialist and standard compressed air systems and desiccant dryers in the UK. Their equipment is available to rent worldwide.

Their current range of mobile air compressors encompasses 130 cfm to 1600 cfm, with a pressure range from 0.3 millibars to 155 bar.

From 1st September 2020 NRMM (non-road mobile machinery) used on any site within Greater London will be required to meet Stage IIIB of the Directive as a minimum. NRMM used on any site within the Central Activity Zone or Canary Wharf will be required to meet Stage IV of the Directive as a minimum.

With these and other strict emission reduction targets being rolled out across the country, GenAir have introduced a range of mobile, all-weather, emission-free electric compressors. These individually designed compressors have a working pressure of 10 – 190 psi with a maximum free air delivery of up to 400 cfm. With a whisper quiet noise level of just 67dB (A) and protected in a fully weatherproof canopy, these brand new units are perfect for use in all situations and particularly in areas governed by these emission and noise rules. They will continue to operate in extreme temperatures from minus 25º to plus 50Cº and their built-in after cooler and water separator will eliminate up to 70% of moisture. This will help with delivering superior air quality for improved performance.

There are many advantages for using a GenAir electric compressor as opposed to a diesel powered set including: No regular refuelling - diesel sets need to be refuelled at least every 12 hours – fuel needs to be stored and dispensed safely. Less constant monitoring of fuel levels - distracts an operator away from more important tasks. There will be zero ground contamination – no fuel, hence no chance of spillage. It also alleviates the need to register the compressor with the NRMM authority and any subsequent inspections and potential fines for non-compliancy.

However when a diesel powered compressor is the required option, GenAir has a complete range of ‘Low Emission Zone’ (LEZ) diesel powered sets, which meet with the stringent emission regulations now being enforced in London and elsewhere.

For contractors requiring compressed air in sensitive environments, such as an oil refinery, GenAir have a sets fitted with Chalwyn Valves and Spark Arrestors making them completely acceptable in these situations.

GenAir compressors are used in a wide variety of markets, these will include:

• Aerospace

• Petro-chemical

• Refineries

• Energy and utilities

• Highways and rail

• Pipelines

• Sewage treatment

• Civil engineering

• Shot blasting, treatment and finishing

• Industrial factories

• Drilling operations

• Quarries and mining

• Precision engineering

• Communication masts

• Event and sports meetings

GenAir also have a fleet of desiccant dryers. These units often called regenerative dryers or twin tower dryers and occasionally they are referred to as an adsorption dryer. Desiccant air dryers adsorb moisture from the compressed air flow and through desiccant material in a reversible process. Desiccant material includes; alumina, silica gel and molecular sieve. They produce low dew points, which makes them ideally suited for use in subfreezing conditions or where processes require extremely dry air.

GenAir’s static and mobile desiccant dryers offer cutting edge technology working to -70°c PDP (Pressure dew point) at 49barg, thus providing market leading control over the level of moisture within the process. Digital control panels enable an operator to change dryer pressures instantly, across a range of pressures from 0.3millbars to 49barg. These features and benefits make GenAir desiccant dryers one of the most versatile dryers in today’s market.

GenAir’s compressor hire and desiccant dryer hire always include; flexible hire periods, fast delivery, on-site training, servicing and maintenance. Additional services include: outright purchase – with or without a maintenance service plan; on-going rental – with or without a maintenance service plan; standard rental - with option to purchase or replace with upgraded product (where applicable) after a given length of time.

GenAir operate 24 hours-a-day 365 days-a-year.

Incorporated in April 2007, GenAir UK is an independently owned company and currently operates from three strategically placed depots; Motherwell, Slough and in the West Midlands. This enables them to offer a rapid and reliable delivery service throughout the UK and beyond.

Safety and quality is reinforced by their registration to ISO 9001 standards. The GenAir management team has a collective 140 years’ experience in the compressed air markets and they operate alongside fully qualified service technicians and ADR drivers.

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