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Sat April 04 2020

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Grants Precast Ltd

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Grants precast provides cutting edge architectural precast concrete at ground breaking commercial rates.

We are the only Precast Company in Europe with it's own quarry and stone production factory on the same site as it’s Precast Factory.

As all our production is on one site lead, our in times are considerably reduced.

The stone faced panels are being constructed under the guidance of experienced masons to ensure panels are built to the highest quality.

As Grants Precast are expert in stone and precast concrete we have the technical knowledge to engineer each panel to the optimum, this will realise further cost savings to our clients.

We aim to be a one stop shop for your facade.

Grants Precast is all about providing our customers the very best service at the best rates.

Product Range:

Natural stone-faced Precast Concrete Panels

Architectural Concrete Precast Panels

Brick and Terracotta faced Precast Panels

Twin Wall panels

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Ductal Panels



Shaped Blocks & retaining walls


Design : Our design team have the benefit of Specialist Stone and Precast design experience so that we can ensure the best solution for your project is engineered and designed. Once we have studied the facade we shall develop a key drawing which locates all the required panels and sets out the main philosophy for the method of panel loading and support.

Formwork: We use technology to provide both quality and speed, our single sheet steel tables provide a high quality form face with our specialist timber moulds for adaptions as required.

Reinforcement : All our reinforcement is from recycled steel certified under the CARES scheme and for panels we typically use a mesh system which is both economic and extremely fast to install into our moulds.

Casting : We use the latest in Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) for all our work, our partners Lafarge supply the concrete direct to our factory from either their Agilia or Artevia range. This ensures a high quality controlled product using the latest in concrete mix design. The use of SCC also means we do not have to vibrate the concrete which avoids that noisy and energy hungry process.

Demoulding : is enhanced by using tilting tables throughout the factory. This allows the panels to be removed from the moulds without stress which can be induced by more traditional methods of demoulding.

Finishing : All our panels are finished in the controlled environment of our factory, this make for a high quality, economic and safe finish to each panel to ensure a complete product only is sent to site.

Storage : Completed units are stored outside, neatly in our racking system adjacent our factory.

Transport : The finished panels are transported to site on appropriate trailers, which will be chosen to minimize the number of deliveries. Panels are sent to each project with no packaging, which reduces waste on site.

Site Installation : We use a small team to install the panels on site, generally our aim is to bring the units straight from the trailer onto the facade to avoid the risk of damage from double handling.

Finishes : One of the best-kept secrets about Precast Concrete Panels is their ability to use a huge range of different finishes. Being experts in stone and having our own quarry we can offer you any stone finish you could imagine direct onto the precast panels this has enormous cost and time savings for the facade cladding.

In addition we have teamed up with Lafarge one of Europe's largest concrete companies so that we can bring you Self Compacting Concrete Panels in the colour of your choice. You can also choose between acid etched, exposed, sand blasted and polished finishes.

Bricks, Brick Slips, Terracotta and many other materials are also used to face our precast concrete cladding panels, we have the experience and resources to ensure your project is responsibly and economically manufactured.

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