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Wed April 08 2020

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Grass Concrete Limited offer a range of cellular grassed paving systems in concrete or plastic including the world renowned grasscrete system.

GRASSCRETE - Grass Reinforcement - Permeable Paving

Grasscrete is in fact a cast on site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by plastic void formers. Once soiled and seeded grasscrete achieves wide grass growth.

This type of construction offers significant structural advantages over precast concrete and plastic systems:

Load bearing up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight

Resists differential settlement

Reduces sub-base depths

Eliminates kerb edges

Not reliant upon grass for stability

Optimum drainage capability

Grass reinforcement

The lightweight nature of the grasscrete former moulds enables us to ship economically throughout the world.

In addition to its ability to withstand traffic loads, grasscrete is also massively used for projects in the water environment. Tested to flow rates in excess of 8 metres per second.

Ideal for use on; Reservoirs, Spillways, Storm/drainage channels, River and sea defences

When combined with its ability to withstand heavy traffic, grasscrete has a unique position in the field of Water Engineering.

GRASSBLOCK- a precast block system for grass reinforcement

The interconnecting lugs help to form a tight interaction with neighbouring blocks to limit movement. A further benefit is the continuous concrete surround to each soil pocket. This feature makes grassblock ideal for slope protection works helping to prevent soil from being washed down the slope.

Grassblock can be complemented by use of our dry-fix grasskerb edge restraints; providing a low cost and visually sympathetic solution.

For Use on Car Parks, Embankments, Amenity Areas


A plastic system developed in the USA in the 1980’s and available from us under our exclusive European Licence.

An interlocking honeycomb structure, enabling a grass cover in excess of 90% and available in either black or green, the system offers the ideal solution where a low visible intrusion and occasional use is required. grassroad can be complemented by use of our dry-fix grasskerb edge restraints; providing a low cost and visually sympathetic solution for:

Overspill car parks

Fire/emergency access

Verge hardening

Amenity areas


A simple and cost effective kerb edge solution. Suitable for use with block paving, grass paving or just to tidy up that lawn edge. Grasskerb is quickly installed utilising dry-fix ground pins to any plan profile.

Manufactured from re-cycled HDPE in standard carbon black the range consists of:

Grasskerb 45: 45mm deep for lawns and grassroad paving or grassroof applications

Grasskerb 60: 60mm deep for block paving and grassblock paving or grassroof applications

Grasskerb units are supplied in 1 metre interconnecting lengths with steel or resin pins to choice.

BETOCONCEPT - vertical landscape walling

Dry-Build Solutions for earth retention or noise absorption.

These interlocking units enable a quick and easy construction process with a choice of plantable or stone finished faces, together with a range of colours.

BINWALL - the ideal bin-store system, with a dry-build and demountable format.

Binwall makes a great choice for Quarries, Waste Transfer Stations, Re-cycling Plants, Bulk Storage Yards etc.

GRASSROOF - grassed roof technology

Grassroof has to become an “everyday” specification that is easily available for use on both new and existing buildings. A key factor in achieving widespread use is the simplicity of the system and how it is installed.

With a dry fix legged paving unit the system can be quickly and easily installed over roof membranes new or old. This technology enables grassroof to be specified across the full range of EXTENSIVE, SIMPLE-INTENSIVE or INTENSIVE categories of green roofs.

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