Griffiths-Mcgee Demolition Company Limited

Sun March 29 2020

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Griffiths-Mcgee Demolition Company Limited

0845 168 5851

The McGee Group's demolition arm, namely Griffiths-McGee Demolition Company Limited, was founded in 1982 after the McGee Group's acquisition of Charles Griffiths Limited, which was one of the oldest established Demolition Companies dating back to the 19th Century.

Areas of expertise:

Asbestos removal, demolition/deplanting of complete power stations.

Demolition/dismantling of chimneys and cooling tower.

Deconstruction of office and residential blocks.

Partial demolition of listed properties with retained facade.

Demolition/dismantling of pre-stressed concrete structures.

Demolition/dismantling of hospitals, schools, theatres, cinemas, churches and other public buildings.

Demolition/dismantling of bridges, viaducts and reservoirs.

Demolition/dismantling within live airports.

Soft stripping of all types of buildings/structures.

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30 Farringdon Street

Tel: 0845 168 5851

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